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Dillo™ - Accept No Substitutes!

LaRue Tactical Dillo Dust Seasoning

Larue Tactical Dillo Dust Dry Rub Seasoning

It’s no secret you can get LaRue Tactical Dillo Dust Seasoning when you purchase items from LaRue.com, sometimes! It’s really a crap shoot as to if you receive Dillo Dust with your LaRue order.

Those days are over. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get your hands on the extremely deplorable seasoning. We are now offering LaRue Tactical Dillo Dust™ and our new Dillo SPG+™ seasonings right here.

You can also purchase virtual gift certificates to give the gift of Dillo Seasoning™ to all your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, church patrons or perfect strangers…we don’t discriminate.

Accept No Substitutes!

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Dillo Seasoning™ - Larue Tactical Dillo Dust dry rub, Dillo SPG+ Steak and Dillo Chili Lime Premium seasonings. Accept Not Substitutes!

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