Larue Dillo Dust Dry Rub Seasoning – 14 oz

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Larue Dillo Dust Dry Rub Seasoning – 14 oz


Larue Dillo Dust Dry Rub Seasoning – 14 oz

Larue Dillo Dust Dry Rub Seasoning. Accept nothing less than the original, certified and authentic Larue dry rub seasoning. Just sprinkle it on your meat and cook. It’s just that simple. There’s practically nothing you can’t put it on to kick up the flavor of your food. Try it on beef, chicken, pork, lamb, deer, wild boar, dove, duck, vegetables on all kinds and even sprinkled over hot popcorn.

  • Net WT 14 oz
  • All Natural
  • No MSG
  • No GMOs
  • No Added Colors
  • No Added Preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • Ingredients: Sugar, Salt, Paprika, Chili Pepper, Celery, Garlic, Comino
  • Pair it with Dillo Chili Lime and Dillo SPG+ Steak seasonings.
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Weight21 oz


102 reviews for Larue Dillo Dust Dry Rub Seasoning – 14 oz

  1. Charles A.

    This stuff is the bomb! If I do not have time to make my own rub this is my go to.

  2. Ulla

    My husband loves this seasoning

  3. Ryan Morris

    The best in the business!

  4. Linda K.

    This is the absolute best rub for the pork of any kind. And the service has been exemplary

  5. Dennis H.

    Excellent customer service, quick email response, helped me out with a USPS issue and made everything right! Will definitely order again!

  6. Matt P.

    Wonderful product and I’m excited to use it again.

  7. Anonymous

    Husband given this as a retirement gift. One of the best items he got!

  8. Benjamin

  9. Kenneth N.

    I love this stuff!!! Such a great flavor!

  10. Charles

    We use it on almost everything meat.

  11. Anonymous

    Glad to see this is finally available for sale!

  12. Lloyd Flynn

    First package was received and contents had been lost in transit. Contacted Dillo Seasoning and after submitting photos, a new shipment was sent and received within three days. Excellent service!

  13. Anonymous

  14. Anonymous

    Shipped fast. Love the seasoning!

  15. Debra Scire

  16. Richard Slater

    Can’t live without it since my first shot show 13 years ago.

  17. Brian Moran

    We are overjoyed that we can find this seasoning again! It is incredible on any dish, and we use anytime the grill is on

  18. ania chapdelaine

  19. Anonymous

    Best seasoning ever.

  20. Chris Wood

    Absolutely love this rub. Thank you!

  21. Anonymous

  22. Raymond Rivet

    I first discovered Dillo Dust on Larue Tactical’s website years ago, and NOTHING had compared to it yet!! This stuff is the absolute BOMB! The fact that it came packaged with a Let’s Go Brandon bumper sticker was just the icing on the cake. Great job!!

  23. Philip M.

    Simply the best seasoning on the planet. I’ve been using the stuff for years, since back when you could only get it at Shot Show, and nothing comes close when it comes to grilling steak. Apply generously to both sides, let sit for 30 minutes, then fire up the grill.

  24. Josh Erb

    Adds greatness to any food!


  26. Traci B.

    This is our favorite seasoning! We use it on almost everything! We cook with it and I sprinkle in on our sandwiches too!

  27. Edward Gutteling

  28. John W Pierce

    This s~~t taste great on anything, been using it for years

  29. Edwin Price

    As the saying goes, I use it on everything. Perfect taste for whatever I am cooking. Use alone or with favorite seasoning. Thank you for a great product. Love it!!

  30. Tracy S.

    Dillo dust has a fantastic falvor. It is so versatile, my husband uses it on all of his grilling.

  31. Andrea G.

    This is the BEST seasoning! So happy it is available again!

  32. larry WALLIS

    Best seasoning I’ve ever used…

  33. Anonymous

  34. Meagan

    I enjoy this seasoning blend so much, the celery in it shines out for sure!

  35. Anonymous

  36. Celena H.

    Good Stuff!

  37. James W

    Unique seasoning. Perfect combinations of ingredients. Once you use Dillo Dust, you will be hooked…proceed with caution. I’ve been using Dillo for over ten years and will be a customer for life.

  38. Anonymous

    Delicious seasoning! Use it as a base for a lot of rubs and wings. Definitely recommend for anyone who wants a touch of heat, a lot of flavor, and an easy all around seasoning.

  39. Douglas D.

    Great rub! Have used it for a number of years for smoking pork butts and ribs.

  40. Steven G.

  41. John Pierce

  42. John Pierce

  43. Joni

  44. Tim R.

  45. Barbara Tinger

  46. Debra

    We use Dillo Dust every time we cook burgers & steaks. The seasoning is absolutely delicious. We have been using it for years and will continue to do so. Thank you.

  47. David

    Great Stuff. Very excited we can now get this easily.

  48. Anthony T.

  49. Jake

    Most amazing seasoning ever. We use it in everything. Nothing compares to it!

  50. Anonymous

    Very good seasoning

  51. Peggy

    Love this seasoning. Delicious on breakfast sausages and pan fried potatoes.

  52. Federico V.

    I LOVE THIS!!! Ever since I tried that free sample that came with some specialized equipment I bought from a company in TX, My family got hooked.

    My daughter insists that I put it in her popcorn every time! I mix it first in molten butter, then i pour it over freshly popped popcorn… then it all disappears within what seems like seconds!

    Thank you for coming up with this product!

  53. David M.

    Great STUFF!

  54. Jennifer D.

    Love this stuff!!

  55. Patience T.

    We LOVE dillo dust! It has a little sweetness to it! It honestly can go on a anything!

  56. Josh Lang

    Great stuff

  57. RENEE

    Fans of the Dillo Dust for years.


    This stuff rocks

  59. Tim Doan

    I love this rub! I keep it on hand and use it almost exclusively!

  60. Kirk Havermahl

    Got my first taste of SHOT Show, and I was hooked!

  61. David Y.

    Best seasoning ever!

  62. Michael Kersey

  63. Yong K.

  64. Neal Blackburn

    This stuff is great on an old shoe

  65. Dennis Stewart

  66. Justin Calkins

  67. Alfred Escalante

  68. Robert Todd

    I cannot live without Dillo Dust. It is part of everyday grilling. Larue Tactical delivered it free with most orders and they got me addicted. It was wrapped well and I am very happy!

  69. Anonymous

    LOVE Dillo Dust

  70. Toni Ann S.

    Boyfriend is obsessed! Makes the perfect topping for chicken!

  71. Barbara Tinger

  72. Edwin P.

    Greatest all purpose seasoning. Use it on anything we cook. Gives great flavor and combines well with other seasonings.

  73. Charles Harmom

  74. Eric Z.

    I had gotten my first bottle of LaRue Tactical Dillo Dust as a promotional item at the ARFCOM (Wisconsin) HTF “Roasted Nutz shoot back in 2011 and have loved it ever since.

  75. Anonymous

  76. Terry L.

    Great seasoning! The only one we use on steaks!!!!

  77. Alisha Fisher

    Delicious, just as I remember!

  78. Bruce Rankhorn

  79. Paul

    Family favorite on low and slow smoked brisket.

  80. Gary C.

    Great product for grilling chicken and steak.

  81. Vincent

    I had been gifted a 7oz of this seasoning with a purchase I made a while back and I needed more.

  82. Cheryl

    • Dillo

      Thank you for the 5-Star review of Larue Dillo Dust.

  83. Michael M.

    Best rub we have found for brisket. Some others are OK, but this is handsdown the best.

    • Dillo

      Our customers call us “The Best!” We love you!

  84. Renee

    We love Dillo Dust! Great seasoning for many dishes!

    • Dillo

      Thanks for the review. We couldn’t agree with you more.

  85. Kara H.

    This stuff is great! Savory and a little sweet. Amazing on veggies too!

    • Dillo

      Thank you Kara. We love your feedback.

  86. Ed F.

    Love this stuff on steaks, chicken, burgers and more. Not just a rub! it’s a topical seasoning for adding to lots of meats and vegetables.

    • Dillo

      YES! Very versatile seasoning. Try it on hot popcorn next time!

  87. ERICK

  88. Lisa N.

    The best seasoning for chicken!!! Sprinkle it on heavy amount, into the air fryer & it will caramelize a bit. So good!!

    • Dillo

      We just got an air fryer for the office breakroom. We see Dillo chicken in the near future!

  89. Donald C.

  90. Bob S.

    Love the dust, glad to find it in a large shaker.

    • Dillo

      The little 7 oz’ers are just a tease!

  91. Scott N.

    Still my go to base for anything on my smoker!

    • Dillo

      Excellent choice my friend.

  92. Debra T.

    Perfect seasoning for steaks and burgers. Have been using it for years. Love it!

  93. Anonymous

    I’ve used Dillo Dust BBQ Seasoning for years, gotten as swag from Larue Tactical purchases, and I absolutely LOVE that I can now just buy the Dust! It’s an excellent steak rub, definitely my favorite, and I smile every time I see the armadillo Beverage Entry Tool (BET) on the label – THANK YOU for making this available!!

  94. David A.

    I really like the flavor when cooking with my smoker.

  95. Travis M.

    Best seasoning ever made!!

  96. Erin Brown

  97. Edward B.

    I haven’t found any other dry rub that compares to this one. I use it on everything from steak to popcorn. Love it!

  98. Mark V.

  99. Lawrence C.

    Used to receive this from LaRue Tactical glad I found it here.

  100. Verified Buyer

    Love this stuff, have been using a long time

    • Dillo

      Thanks rhickstx, were thrilled to hear that you are such a loyal fan of the Dillo Dust. We’re also glad to see that you’re trying out some of our other great premium seasonings, like Dillo Chili Lime.

  101. Verified Buyer

    This is the best! We use this on pork chops. When I have served this to guests, they always ask me for the recipe of the rub because they think I must have made it. Easiest & best pork chops. So delicious!

    • Dillo

      We’re thrilled to hear that our product is a hit with your pork chops and guests! It’s wonderful to know that we could make your cooking experience easier and tastier. Thank you for sharing your experience. We hope to continue serving you with more quality Dillo Seasoning products in the future.

  102. Maj. F.T. B.

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